The Gunther "Show Me Your Salt" Scholarship ($750.00)

This scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving youth hockey player that exhibits both a financial need and the qualities of hard work and discipline. The 47 Fund will provide $750.00 directly to the St. Louis Rockets to cover a portion of the player's registration fee for the fall regular season.

“I’ve never known a man worth his salt who, in the long run, deep down in his heart, didn’t appreciate the grind, the discipline."  - Vince Lombardi

Scholarship Application Process

Please provide the following information by August 15th in order to be considered for Scholarship award.

  • Complete Scholarship Application Form (Click for file)

  • A copy of most recent income tax statement (IRS Form 1040)

  • Letter from most recent coach evidencing the applicant’s “hard work and discipline”

  • Essay about “How working hard helps me with Hockey” written by the child

  • Recent Digital Photo ( Individual Hockey Photo preferred or School Photo )- with release to use photo on 47 Fund website.


By September 15th, the Scholarship Selection Committee will award all scholarships. All information submitted will be held strictly confidential and only be seen by the Scholarship Selection Committee. This committee will be made up of 5 members, at least 1 of which will be a member of the St. Louis Rockets Board of Directors. Family members of a sitting committee member are ineligible to receive any scholarships awards. In order to qualify, the applicant must have an account in good standing with the St. Louis Rockets and register through the normal online process.  All decisions of the scholarship committee are final; there is no appeal process.  No payments will be made directly to applicants, the $750.00 will be provided directly to the St. Louis Rockets for application to the player's account.  If player withdraws from the Rockets Program, all scholarship monies will be forfeited and will not be returned to the player, but rather returned to the 47 Fund.

Thank you Gunther Salt Company 

The Gunther "Show Me Your Salt" Scholarship is funded by the generosity of the Gunther Salt Company.